Global Orange Groves UK - the premier source of Citrus Trees in the UK
Cidro Digitado - buddhas Fingers just one of the Ornamental Orange Trees available from Global Orange Groves UK
A wide seelction of Lemon Trees available from Global Orange Groves UK
Citrus trees fruit well in the conservatory
The Global Orange Goves Uk Nuersey in Dorset
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Welcome to the Global Orange Groves UK Website.

We are retired now, no longer sell trees, but are available for advice if neededd.

Established in 1988, offering years of experience in growing and providing healthy, productive Citrus trees at our own nursery in the UK.

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At our nursery in Dorset, we carried a wide variety of both Citrus Trees and other exotic tree varieties. The majority of tree varieties were available for mail order delivery. With many more available for collection direct from the nursery. We have also written our own book; 'Success With Citrus' which covers all aspects of caring and keeping a Citrus Tree.

Amongst our selection of Orange Trees available for sale were Navel Oranges such as Washington, Navelina, Newhall and Navelate. Ornamental Oranges such as Buddha's Fingers (Cidro Digitado), Bergamot, Seville Orange trees.

Our exotic fruit trees included banana trees, Chinese dates, Sharon fruit and more.

Other citrus tree varieties also available were Lime trees, lemon trees, clementines, satsumas, tangerine, mandarin, kumquats and grapefruit trees.

In addition we stilloffer our own specially formulated fertiliser, produced to provide the best results in the growing and fruiting of Citrus trees in the UK. We also have our citrus compost available for collection from our own nursery.

Because of the diversity of citrus and exotic fruit tree varieties, different leaf shapes, tree shape and maturity, the choice of tree is a very personal one. We would therefore recommend that you make the effort to visit the nursery where you will be given a guided tour and have more than 1500 trees to choose from. Where we are.

Full growing instructions were provided with each tree purchased, but the main points are: Citrus trees prefer cool rather than hot conditions. Keep your tree outside in Summer and protect from frost in winter by placing in a conservatory or greenhouse. Mist well when inside if temperatures rise to provide humidity, or periodically take the tree outside to give a good hose down. Keep free from pest attack and feed every week throughout the year with a special citrus fertiliser.

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