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Success With Citrus - The Book

254 page hardback book packed with information and full colour photographs.

Success With Citrus - Everythign you need to know about caring for your Citrus Tree

Everything you need to know about Citrus Trees and a great deal more.

Famous Orangeries to visit

Varieties of Citrus to grow and enjoy

Detailed growing instructions covering every aspect of Citrus tree care

Citrus for Health & Beauty

Citrus in Industry

Cooking with Citrus in 101 different ways

There is more to Citrus than you may have imagined.

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The Perfect gift

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Growing Instructions Includes:
Choosing your pot, compost, Feeding your tree, Temperature, Ventilation, Humidity, Indoor Waterfalls, Watering, Pruning, Rootstock, Pollination, Fruiting & Success Stories.

Choosing Your Citrus Tree Includes:
Satsumas, Clementines, Mandarins, Navel Oranges, Blanco Oranges, Pigmented Oranges, Sour & bitter ornamental oranges, Limes, Grapefruits, Lemons and Kumquats.

Problems & Solutions Cover:
Citrus diseases, pests and their control, leaf fall, yellowing leaves and Fruit drop.

Making The Most Of Citrus Covers:
Citrus and the Honey Bee, Citrus for Health and Vitamin C, Citrus Essential Oils, Citrus in Aromatherapy, Citrus for Beauty and Cosmetics and Oranges in Industry.

Cooking With Citrus features:
A wide selection of recipes for using citrus fruit.


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