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    Other Fruit Tree Varieties

Due to the size of the fruit trees mentioned on this page, we offer them only as collection from the nursery

Peach Trees
Up to 6ft.

Apricot Trees
Up to 6ft.

Up to 6ft.

Almond Trees
Up to 6ft.

Fig Trees
We have five varieties to choose from. Up to 6ft.

Pomegranate Trees

Weeping Mulberries

Quince Trees

Olive Trees
We have five varieties to choose from. Minimum of 4ft in height.
The silver green slender leaves of the olive tree make this a very attractive densely foliated bush. These trees will also take up to 4 degrees of frost and could be grown in a sheltered spot in the garden. They actually prefer hot summers and cold winters. Olives prefer a chalky soil with a pH of between 7 and 8. Feed as you would for citrus, especially if container grown. If the olives are left on the tree until December they will turn black.

Citrus Trees in the UK