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    Kumquat Trees
Kumquat Trees from Global Orange Groves UK  

Kumquat Nagami (fortunella margarita)
This is a small bushy tree producing small oval fruits, the juice although acid, combined with the sweeter rind gives a very pleasant flavour. Kumquats are generally eaten whole or pickled in brandy. They do have some seeds.

Limequat trees from Global Orange Groves UK  

Limequat Eustis
this is a cross between a Mexican Lime and a Kumquat producing yellow oval fruits with a sweet peel and bitter pulp. They can be sued in place of limes or lemons. As with kumquats, the bush can be kept fairly small, while still being productive. They do have some seeds.


Grapefruit Trees

Red Blush Grapefruit  

Red Blush Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi / citrange troyer)
Red Blush Grapefruit Trees are the same as the Ruby Grapefruit, ruby Red, Red Marsh and Red Seedless. The grapefruit has a thick skin and the flesh has a reddish tinge. The quality, size and pigmentation of the grapefruit is improved with heat and humidity, but the fruit should always be seedless and sweet. This variety may produce some thorns.

Grapefruit Trees Available from Global Orange Groves UK  

Star Ruby Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi / citrange troyer)
This variety is often lacking in vigour and this sometimes affects the grapefruit size. It can be kept as a small compact bushy tree. It is the most heavily pigmented of the grapefruits and is usually seedless with thin skin, a high juice content and very sweet. This grapefruit variety is the one against which all other pigmented grapefruits are measured.

White Marsh Grapefruit  

White Marsh Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi / citrange troyer)
This grapefruit tree variety is vigorous and very productive and is the most common variety grown world-wide. The flavour of the fruit will be sweet especially if not harvested too soon as the acidity level drops with maturity. These grapefruits are used extensively in the processing industry as the segments retain their stability during processing.

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