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Feeding Your Citrus Tree

Global Orange Groves UK is a specialist Citrus Tree Nursery and in the course of the year we speak to many thousands of people who have bought citrus trees and find after 6 months that the trees deteriorate and they don't know why.

The problems they encounter are yellowing leaves, leaf loss in winter, lack of blossom in the spring or fruit drop. These problems can easily be rectified with correct feeding and care.

The traditional theory regarding the feeding of citrus trees: high potash food given during the summer, little or no feeding in the winter and the use of slow release fertilisers: have proved to be incorrect for fruit bearing, container grown citrus trees.

Global Orange Groves UK have discussed with the Spanish Citrus Producers the specific requirements of citrus trees, particularly fruit bearing container grown citrus trees and we are able to offer citrus fertilisers for both summer and winter. A change of NPK is necessary as the trees are active for 12 months of the year. Fruit should be developing from spring to autumn and ripening over autumn and winter. If the tree is not sustained in the winter, it is unlikely to produce blossom in the spring, and if it does produce blossom, the tree will not be strong enough to hold the fruit.

Our fertilisers are packed in re-sealable containers which will help to maintain the freshness of the citrus fertiliser. They are obtainable from many garden centres and nurseries, or direct from us.

Specialist Citrus Fertilizer for Summer and Winter Use


Summer Food For Citrus Trees

Aims to boost bushiness and growth. Helps prevent fruit drop and premature ripening of immature fruits. Use from the end of March to the end of October

Winter Food For Citrus Trees

A balances formula for natural sustained winter activity, including fruit ripening. Helps prevent leaf fall. Use from end of October to the end of March.

Prices & Ordering

For UK customers a pack of 2 x 250g pots of fertilizer (any combination) £18 including delivery.

For EU customers a pack of 2 x 250g pots of fertilizer (any combination) £24 including delivery.

For larger quantities, please calculate accordingly.

We are no longer able to supply trees but we are willing to give help and advice if required.


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